Lillian Salerno for Congress Lillian Salerno for Congress

I am a native Texan, entrepreneur, attorney, and an advocate for healthcare workers and patients. I was honored to serve the people as an appointee in the Obama administration where I worked to help alleviate poverty and improve the economy for underserved communities in rural America. I grew up in East Dallas one of 5 brothers and 3 sisters where we learned the value of hard work helping the family make ends meet. I started my first company here in Texas when I was twenty-five and I have spent my lifetime growing small businesses and fighting on their behalf against corporate concentration.

I’ve stood up to Congress and won policy debates. I’ve written and passed legislation to protect nurses and to prevent HIV in children. I’ve defended family farmers, forgotten communities and small businesses decimated by corporate takeover. Now, I’m ready to take that fight to the halls of Congress, and be a tireless advocate for the working men and women of Texas. Congress has enough members that go along to get along with the special interests and power brokers. I’ll be a fighter for the people because I am you and you are me.

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