Why I'm Running For Congress - Lillian Salerno for Congress Why I'm Running For Congress - Lillian Salerno for Congress

Why I’m Running


The system is rigged against us, and I worry every day if I’ll be able to pass on a better life to my kids — and the next generation of Texans. While the stock market soars and unemployment numbers sink, there’s a different reality facing most Texans: stagnant wages and less opportunity.

Our young people are graduating from our community colleges or universities with the skills and knowledge to build prosperity for our families and our nation, yet they are burdened with such debt that they may never get above water. Those who have the innovative ideas and hard work to create new businesses and jobs are being shut out by the handful of big corporations who have a stranglehold on the market. Our main streets are shuttering, our working families are getting poorer, and our parents and kids are deeply concerned about the future of Texas.

And instead of standing up for the people and fixing it, Congress is more interested in scoring cheap political points and pleasing the billionaire class. It’s a corrupt system that benefits the politicians, political parties and monopolies. The big powerful companies get all they want; the little guy gets shut out. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way.

I’m running to take on the system and stand-up for the people. That’s who Congress is supposed to represent. And that’s who I’ll fight for everyday if you give me the honor of being your next Congressperson.