Marijuana Legalization - Lillian Salerno for Congress Marijuana Legalization - Lillian Salerno for Congress

Marijuana Legalization

It’s past time to put the ill-conceived War on Drugs behind us. Here’s what I believe: We need new policy that ensures patients get the care they need, reverses the criminalization of communities of color, and grows the state’s economy.

That means:

Ensure that medical marijuana remains a legal, affordable treatment option for patients. The fact that Pete Sessions wants to deny sick kids, seniors and veterans access to the compassionate care they need by blocking medical marijuana is unconscionable.

Legalize the sales and purchase of marijuana to adults who are 21 and older.

Establish state regulations and taxes on marijuana, similar to other controlled substances such as alcohol.

Use taxation revenues on marijuana to support investments in the future such as early childhood well-being, education, and workforce training.

Establish a licensure process for marijuana growers and dispensaries.  In this process, we must make sure that small businesses, minority- and women-owned businesses have a seat at the table.

Review and commute sentences for individuals incarcerated for marijuana offenses.

Invest in minority communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.