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The immigrant story is essential to the American story.  While Native Americans have lived in North America from time immemorial, our nation would not exist were it not for immigrants who left home in pursuit of new opportunities.  That’s why I believe:

We must not repeat the mistakes of America’s past with cruel, racist immigration policies, but fight to keep families together and achieve comprehensive immigration reform. That means:

Immediately passing a clean DREAM Act to protect the 124,000 DREAMERS in Texas who are our neighbors, students, coworkers, and friends.

Supporting the Uniting American Families Act so that families are no longer needlessly broken apart for lack of sensible immigration policies and comprehensive immigration reform.

Committing to comprehensive immigration reform that prioritizes the unification of families and reflects the reality of our increasingly interconnected world.

Taking prudent steps to protect our border without investing billions of dollars in a physical wall between the United States and Mexico that doesn’t improve border security.  

Welcoming refugees into our communities, especially from countries where conflict, natural disasters, or persecution have put families in grave danger.

Celebrating the incredible value in America’s diversity.  We are a nation of people from all over the world with different histories, languages, beliefs, cultures, and stories–we built the strongest democracy and economy in the world as a result of it, not in spite of it.