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Gun Safety

As a mom, my heart breaks for the victims and their families impacted by the epidemic of mass shootings and daily tragedy of gun violence in our country. I am sick to my stomach that this keeps happening, and is sure to keep happening until we put the lives of our children and families over the profits of the gun lobby. Here’s what I believe:

We must pass common-sense gun laws that save lives and end the tyranny of the gun lobby over our politics. That means:

Universal background checks and closing the loopholes on gun show and online sales.

Keeping guns out of the hands of those with a history of violence and domestic abuse.

“No Fly, No Buy” — Closing the terror loophole that allows individuals on the terrorist watch list to easily pass a background check and purchase guns.

Banning bump stocks and assault weapons, full stop. Let’s start by making it so no person under the age of twenty-five can buy an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. We have age restrictions on driving, on voting, on drinking — surely we should put some age limits on something as serious as these weapons. A disproportionate number of violent acts using guns are committed by young people and this age restriction would save many lives.

Reinstate federal funding for gun violence research, so that we can better understand the causes and impacts of gun violence as the public health emergency it is.

Overturning Citizens United and pass campaign finance reform so that special interest groups no longer have the power to hold our country hostage to protect their profits. The NRA has poured over $150,000 into keeping Pete Sessions in office. That’s despicable. The vast majority of Americans support reforms to end what is now the daily tragedy of gun violence. It’s Congressmen like Pete Sessions who put the interests of the gun lobby over North Texas that allow this violence to continue.