Climate Change, Energy, & Environment - Lillian Salerno for Congress Climate Change, Energy, & Environment - Lillian Salerno for Congress

Climate Change, Energy, & Environment

We only get one planet and it’s on us to be responsible stewards of the climate, land, water, resources, flora and fauna that make Earth our home. Here’s what I believe:

Climate change is our greatest threat — but also presents the greatest economic opportunity of our time.

Corporate interests have effectively blocked efforts to consider the environment, sustainability, and to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases.  In doing so, these vested interests have stifled innovation and the economic opportunity that would come with fully deploying the technology and practical solutions that are part of living within our means and a comprehensive response to climate change.

For the sake of our children and our planet’s future, I believe we need leaders who will stand up to corporate power, prioritize a clean, healthy planet, and tackle climate change head-on.  This means:

Devising a market-based approach to reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases at a pace in accordance with climate science, while ensuring that the federal government will encourage — rather than inhibit — innovation and deployment of clean energy technologies.  

Supporting the Paris Climate Accord and working cooperatively with nations worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions before it’s too late.

Diversifying our energy sources and increasing our energy security with an increased emphasis on renewables and efficiency.

Protecting clean air and clean water by upholding rules that were created to protect human health and the environment.

Maintaining open space and recognizing the role farmers and ranchers as stewards of our land, water, and natural resources by working cooperatively to build urban-rural connections and to maintain farmland, ranchland, and open space amidst the growth of urban centers like Dallas.