RELEASE: DCCC Meddles in Another Texas Primary - Lillian Salerno for Congress RELEASE: DCCC Meddles in Another Texas Primary - Lillian Salerno for Congress

RELEASE: DCCC Meddles in Another Texas Primary

March 22, 2018

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DCCC Meddles in Another Texas Primary
Local leaders and progressives tell DCCC: get out of Texas

DALLAS, TX  — Official Statement from Lillian Salerno on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s interference in Democratic runoff for Texas Congressional District 32:

“Folks here are sick and tired of a bunch of Washington insiders trying to make their decisions for them. But I’m not scared — I’ve stood up to power and fought for what’s right my entire life. Our campaign is confident and remains focused on sharing our vision with voters: electing a fighter who will get results for working families,” said Salerno. “Texas hasn’t elected a new woman to Congress in twenty-two years, and we’re not taking it anymore. The DCCC would do well to remember: Don’t mess with Texas women.”

“After the DCCC’s embarrassing stumble attacking candidate Laura Moser, they have not learned their lesson. Texas Democrats know better than some Washington D.C. committee that’s trying to tip the scales. 62% of primary voters did not vote for Colin, and we are confident we will win the run-off and that Lillian is the strongest candidate to beat Pete Sessions in November,” said Campaign Manager Jeanne Stuart.

Jim Hightower, author, activist, and former Texas Agriculture Commissioner commented: “The D-triple-C has gone d-triple-crazy, barging into local elections like clueless, antidemocratic potentates. Lillian is a strong Texas Democrat. She knows how to take-on Sessions and win—despite what the party’s corporate establishment wants.”

Betty Ritchie, Chair of the DNC Rural Council and Secretary of the DNC Women’s Caucus, stated: “Lillian is a fighter through and through. The voters of Congressional District 32 will see that Lillian has stood up for people her whole life. She’s the only candidate that can take on Pete Sessions, and is unafraid of going up against the powerful.”  

Lenna Webb, President of North Dallas Texas Democratic Women, said, “We’re witnessing an unprecedented surge of activism here in North Texas, with thousands of concerned citizens organizing in their communities to beat Pete Sessions. Voters are deeply engaged in evaluating Democratic candidates in CD-32, and deserve the opportunity to make this decision for themselves. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee should step back and let voters decide.”

ABOUT LILLIAN: Lillian Salerno is a native Texan, entrepreneur, attorney, and advocate for healthcare workers, nurses, and patients. She served the people as an appointee of the Obama Administration as the Deputy Undersecretary for Rural Development. She has written and passed legislation to protect nurses and to prevent HIV in children. She has defended family farmers, forgotten communities and small businesses decimated by corporate takeover. Now, she is ready to take that fight to the halls of Congress, and be a tireless advocate for the working men and women of Texas. Lillian will be a fighter for the people. She is running to take on the system and stand-up for the people – for our children and all Texans who want a better future for the next generation. Lillian is an Emily’s List-endorsed candidate.